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The graphics were fine, the game played very well, and theactionscripts were great. The thing telling you how many times you died gets in the way though. But what it really needs is sound. Great game otherwise!

Make it a ng alpha

This flash is not finished. Do not submit unfinished flashes. Put it in the ng alphas. The game play was easy and all I had to do was keep on pressing the spacebar. Make it harder please. Also it took a while to find out which bot I was. Make it tell you what bot you are. You should put in a 2 player mode in the finished version.

This game is awsome

I really liked this game. It is fun and addicting. Plz make another one

Good game

This game was good. It was fun, The play button didn't work though, so i had to right click and then press play. fix that plz.

A good tutorial

this tutorial is good and understandible. i can actally understand 100% of this tutorial. it tought me how to shape tween, thx. to improve use a background.

very hepful

thank you!!! this has helped me a lot. now i know how buttons work. this has improved my flash skill. thank you

Great game

This game was awsome! i found it hard to beat the ninja guy though. it was funny. i hope u make a second!

Great game

THis game was very fun. i liked the music. it took me a while to beat though(ecpecially the last battle which took me about 45 minits). The only problem was when i beat the game it took me to this link to the website and it slowed down my computer and it froze so i had to end the programs(i had to wait for 10 minits for it to close) and then when i went back i had to do all the hard levels and the last one so that link should be optional.

Cool game

this game is awsome! it is funny to beat up those kids, and the difficulty is just right. this is the only game my brother will play. i hope u make somthing this good agin.

this is awsome!!!

this is a really good game. i played it for hours on cristmas eve. how did u make the guy ride on the line? it was really funny to see the guy wipeout. How did u make this?

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i just used flash m8


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