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its ok

This flash was pretty good, but it was pointless. The sticks looked good though. 2/5


The graphics were amazing, but I just wasted 248 seconds of my life. Don't watch the whole thing, it doesn't crash. I actually voted on different movies while waiting for it to crash. When it hits the iceberg it doesn't crash, The flash just ends.


That was good. i liked how you took "we dine in hell" literally. very good, keep it up

rockymike responds:

Tonight we dine, literally!

Thanks for the review!

good for a sprite movie

this was a good flash with a good storyline. i liked the shadow of the characters in the rainbow place. the music is good. can't wait for the second part.

GURBE responds:

Thank you! It's very nice to hear people who are sceptic about sprite movies give such nice comments! Thank you for taking the time to write a review ;)

Too much text

This was pretty good but there was way too much text. next time use less text. other than that it was pretty good.

Good flash

This lash was reallygood! beter than the second! i hope u make more parts!

this is a little weird

When i first looked at it i was a bit confused and then i realized that was all it was. The guy looks scary. this scared me. It woulda been kool if it showed him rip out the heart. i think the music was ok. the problem though it was kinda boring after the first 15 seconds.

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

its a woman(I know did the boobs badly), I am working on something with tearing and mauling keep tuned :D

great job

at first i didn't like this but it got exciting and i liked the graphics. what u can improve on is add a story line. i saw the one before this and i was still confused on why they were chasing bitey.

good flash

this was a good flash but at times it got boring. the song was pretty good. to improve it it needs more of a storyline because i got confused on why that guy was shootin those cops. And i think the motorcycles were 2d instead of 3D. But it was a good flash!


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