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Posted by Bstuk2 - January 20th, 2013

Hello, I am a professional pokemon snap player. If you have any questions please ask here.

Here is my super pr0 montage:

MLG Pokemon snap player AMA

Posted by Bstuk2 - November 20th, 2012

Long distance relationships don't work at all so don't even try it... JUST SAYING...

Anyways on another note, I found out a good friend of mine uses newgrounds and posts on the bbs, so I'm gonna try to to post more =3

Plus i'm home for the week, so I get alot of time to hang out with my friends.

Life aint all that bad.

Have a random picture of jigglypuff.


Posted by Bstuk2 - February 7th, 2012

Just in case no one noticed, Newgrounds just had a redesign. Thought you should know.


Posted by Bstuk2 - August 22nd, 2011


Posted by Bstuk2 - April 1st, 2009

Posted by Bstuk2 - February 4th, 2009

I have to keep my profile updated.
Anyways, My brawl code is 4553-9666-1050 and I'm online alot.

Vid of me (I'm Jiggs):

/* */

Posted by Bstuk2 - September 9th, 2008

The other one was getting old.

Posted by Bstuk2 - May 19th, 2008

This newspost will have all of my friend codes. I know its only 3 games so far, but I expect to get more in the future.

Brawl Code: 4553-9666-1050
Mario Kart: 3480-4322-9071

Mario Kart DS: 266363-962167
Mario vs. DK 2: 2706-7056-9395
Phantom Hourglass: 1633-58980150

Posted by Bstuk2 - May 4th, 2008


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Posted by Bstuk2 - October 20th, 2007

If you find something that you don't understand, please tell me and ill make it more clear.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Stolen flashes are usually...
3. More tips
4. What to do if you suspect an under judgement flash to be stolen
5. Example
6. Questions
7. Extra stuff

1. Introduction
I'm making this news post due to the amount of stolen flashes that get in the portal. There are more stolen flashes than you think there are. A month ago I thought "There are barely any stolen flashes" but then I realized there are way more. And when I blow my whistle on them, they just make it past judgement. I need more whistle power but I suck at flagging reviews, so I need you to help me. Together we can get rid of stolen flashes!

2. Stolen flashes are usually...
Most stolen flashes are:
- games (About 25% of them are movies. People think that more movies are stolen because they are easier to spot, but there are really more stolen games.)
- submitted by new members
- the description is really short
- the games great but the boxshot(46 x 46 pic) is really bad or it doesn't have one
- flashes nobody has heard of
- low stats of the submitter
- if a user has one stolen flash, they probably have more
- Sized wrong
Please notice that I said most, not all.

3. More tips
Here are some more tips by Infernalz:

-at night there are usually the members that are on to do nothing. maybe on to waste time or something. mostly wont be that in to it, and knowing what is stolen, blamable etc. so will watch a movie, vote on it, and not noticing, helped pass a stolen flash.

-on event days: case and point- clock day. that day, and usually 1 or 2 after it, everyone will vote 5s on flashes, passing them. people will submit stolen/ blamable flash movies just to get it passed on these days. actually, on the last one, i my self went up 5 B/P ranks just by passing them... but only on flashes with [CC] in the tittle or something to do with the clocks...

-after something is submitted on any site, many people will try and steal it, succeeding, and will be on many different sites... making it harder and harder to find the original maker of a flash...

Thank you!

4. What to do if you suspect a flash to be stolen
If you suspect a flash to be stolen do the following:

1. Don't rush. It may need only 2 more votes until it makes it past judgement, but never hurry. You may forget to check something and you might incorrectly flag a submission. You'll just have to contact Wade then if your too late.
2. Look for the name of the flash, (on the title screen of the flash, not the ng title)
3. Type in the name of the flash in google ( include the word 'flash' with your search). If the flash had an author on it, and it didn't match the submitter's name, include the author's name in the search
4. search for it there, if you don't find it then try more search terms. If you still don't find it then it's probably not stoloen.
5.Check their e-mail address (Considering its UJ). It displays what their e-mail adress end in in the flag it box. If their e-mail address ends with something unfamiliar go to the website that their e-mail adress ends in, and look for it. If you find it it, then it isnt stolen. You dont need to go to to the site if their e-mail adress ends in something common (gmail.com, yahoo.com etc.).
6. If you find it blow your whistle on it (considering that its under judgement)
7. Post it on this thread. Be sure to include links to the stolen and the original.
8. Wait and hope for the best

5. Example
Now here is an example:
Graaaah! you just realized that you haven't gotten a B/P upgrade since February. Being the stat whore you are, you go in the portal to get some B/P points. You stumble across this flash called pinball. The description says "pinball is a good game." You open the flash and play it. "It's ok," you think, "i'll give it a 2 or a 3. But what is in the corner there? 'coolbuddy,' whats that? you realize that the flash may be stolen. go to google and search 'Pinball flash. Its not there (maybye it is, but its on one of the later flashes if its on there). then you realized that you should search 'pinball flash coolbuddy, because "coolbuddy" was the real flash author. You look at one link and click it. The link is http://www.coolbuddy.com/games/pinball /pinball.htm. Wow, its the same thing. You report it and include the link in it. Your computer notifies you that you just flagged the review. (What happened to that awesome animation they played when you blew your whistle on something?). Later you notice that the submission gets past judgement. You get real mad!!! IT GOT AWAY!! you then send a pm to wade, but he never reads those anyways. so the flash got away...

100% of this happened to me. I really just substituted "you" with "I" but whatever. and yes, that flash is stolen.

6. Questions

Q: I have found a stolen flash that made it past judgement. What should I do?
A: You should E-Mail Wade at wade@newgrounds.com

Q: I'm not really sure if a flash is stolen or not. I have the correct link and all, but im still not very sure that its stolen.
A: You are just going to have to assume that the flash isn't stolen. The author might submit more stolen flash and then get caught, then all the flashes he stole will be removed.

Q: Are madness interactive mods stolen?
A: No, the author of madness interactive let everyone download the game. It is stolen if it's exactly the same though.

7. Extra stuff and facts
- If you find any flash game or movie that says "Powered by sothink" and it is good, there is a 95% chance of it being stolen. It is because sothink can decomply flashes. The original flash you find won't be 100% the same as the stolen flash, but it will very similar.

- Found any stolen flashes that are Past judgement? Post them on theThief List by Daneximuz

- About 60% of stolen flashes make it past judgement without being noticed.

- You should check every flash game under judgement you find. Unless it sucks, or is submitted by popular flash artist.

- Here is a flash about stolen flashes.

- If you need more whistle points go here


Got any tips? I'll post them up here if they are helpful.